We can party too!

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I know, i know! Everyone seems to think lawyers are boring old stiffs who cannot party to save themselves. I am here to prove to you, that we can get down and funky just like the rest and best of them! We work the long 9-5 and sometimes even until 9pm! With phone calls from clients, crimes happening everyday… It does get tough, believe me! But then there’s Jonny!

My good friend Jonny has always been the go to guy with his party booths. They light up the fire as he has these awesome dance floors too! It really makes the night, 100x better! He will always turn a bad night into a special night to remember:

Photo booth hire Glasgow

You will not be disappointed with these guys, they are based in Scotland – Glasgow

Always remember guys that in life, you have to keep a healthy balance of things. Never work too hard that you forget what having fun feels like. You must be able to say “no” at be yourself on your days off. That means, no work talk, spend time with friends and family and of course, PARTY!!

Being a lawyer is great fun, don’t get me wrong, but we are not robots! We need excitement too, and ladies… I am single ūüėČ so message me here hehe!

I kidd, listen guys, the lessons from today are:

  1. Have fun
  2. Work hard
  3. Reward yourself
  4. You are not a robot
  5. Enjoy life. YOLO.

The correct balance in life will not only allow you to live longer but also live happier! Trust me, I was always told to keep my head in my books and to never use my phone after 9pm (strict parents) but that was counter productive.

You have to give yourself room to breath and relax. Even when deadlines are close, don’t work all day and night until the deadline. Give your brain time off to collect its thoughts and power back up. If you need any advice on this, you can always reach out in the contact us section. I will always be on hand to help. I can give you advice on exam stress or life in general.

On the note of exam stress, check this link out. It really helped me get through my exams. http://www.studentminds.org.uk/exam-stress.html

I, Gordon Black, residing at  Twenty Three  Balfour Mansion Place, Dundee in order to settle the succession to my estate after my death provide as follows:
Revocation (ONE) I revoke all prior wills and testamentary writings.


Executors (TWO) I appoint Fances Black residing at Twenty Three  Balfour Mansion Place, Dundee to be my executor.




(THREE) I direct my executors to give effect to any future writings subscribed by me however informal the same may be provided that in the opinion of my executors they clearly express my intentions.


Legacies (FOUR) Unless otherwise specified any legacy granted by any writing shall be paid or made over as soon as my executors consider practicable after my death free of government duties in respect of my death and the expenses of delivery but without interest.


Liferent (FIVE)  I direct my Trustees to hold Twenty Three  Balfour Mansion Place, Dundee or such other house owned and occupied by me at date of my death, or the property representing such house following a sale after my death in liferent for Mrs Frances Black residing with me declaring (Primo)  that the provisions of clause (FOUR) shall apply to this bequest and (Secundo) the said liferent shall be subject to payment by the said Mrs. Black of all burdens, insurance premiums as arranged by my Trustees, as also for all necessary repairs and renewals to the same, as to the amount, necessity and sufficiency of which repairs and renewals my Trustees shall be the sole judges; And further declaring that the said liferent is granted for the personal use of the said Mrs Eugene Rose or Iselin or Marco on the condition that she makes this available to my children as a family home and she shall not be entitled to let the same or any part thereof without the prior consent in writing of my Trustees.
Residue (Six) I direct my Executors to pay convey and make over the residue of my estate equally among my children and to the survivors or survivor of them provided that in the event that any of them shall predecease me leaving issue including adopted issu) who shall survive me, such issue shall take equally between or among them per stirpes the share original and accresced which his, her or their parent would have taken had he or she survived me as aforesaid


In the event that any part of my estate is due to a beneficiary who is under the age of legal capacity or not sui iuris my executors shall have power in their sole discretion either to pay or make over the share of such beneficiary to his or her guardian, or to the person having custody of such beneficiary for the time being, whose receipt shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my Executors or alternatively to retain such share until he or she attains capacity and in the meantime to accumulate the income (so as not to exceed the accumulation period permitted by law) with the capital or to apply the whole or any part of the income or capital falling to such beneficiary for his behoof in any manner my executors may think proper.

Powers  (Seven) My executors shall have the fullest powers of retention, realisation, investment, appropriation, transfer of property without realisation, and management of my estate as if they were the absolute beneficial owners; and shall have power to resign office and to appoint one or more of their own number to act as solicitor or agent in any other capacity and to allow him or them the same remu neration to which he or they would have been entitled if not an executor or executors: