About Us

Academically, I have always been a very determined and studious individual. My aspiration for a job at this firm would be ideal for me as I have great time management, self motivated study skills and ability to cope with stress and pressure. My knowledge and excellent skills in ICT gives me a valuable insight into the rapidly developing technological world where computers are crucial. I believe all the qualities I have developed through my courses are essential for any good candidate.

I also enhanced my inter-personal, communication and team building abilities when I took part in a paired reading scheme for 3 months where I was able to help my younger cousins to ameliorate their reading, speaking and listening skills to help with their English. I am the student class representative for my fellow  2nd year students.

To relax, I spend time with friends and also I enjoy sports including tennis and football for which I was captain of the school team improving my leadership skills. I also recently rekindled my childhood passion for boxing, another pastime. Boxing requires patience, amplitude of hard work and dedication which helps my state of mind to remain sharp and acute influencing me to become more agile and brisk for practical work.

I also enjoy playing tennis after a hard week of university however it’s not an easy sport. It requires great hand-eye coordination, a deliberate and well-thought approach to the game and considerable amounts of effort. These skills have broadened myself into becoming more alert of my surroundings and amended my concentration skills.

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