Have you had an accident?

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Hello guys, I have unfortunately been involved in a car accident and I feel i should share my experience. Let’s begin with how it happened, shall we?

Personal Injury Birmingham

I was driving into Birmingham on a work trip, we have clients there you see, and out of nowhere, a car comes crashing into me. They were on their phone, believe it or not! It was frightening. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt however my neck begin to turn red and I eventually passed out in the car. I don’t remember the ambulance ride. I only remember being in the hospital. First of all, my neck is fine. I think I fainted at the sight of blood coming down my nose. I am a softy! However, back to the events.

I am not familiar with Birmingham so once I was omitted from the hospital, my boss told me to get in touch with his good friends at Personal injury solicitors Birmingham . These guys are very professional and handled everything with ease. The women responsible had admitted fault and unfortunately her car was written off, whereas mine was okay to say the least.


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